We've joined forces with Boost Studio to form boostDFM!

DFM is still around, though.  You can find us as the boostDFM Technology Lab, where all things "tech" are developed.  Magic is happening where we collaborate with our design friends.  So, please visit us over at!



Digital Frontiers Media (DFM) is an award-winning multimedia production company based in Sarasota, Florida that specializes in projects where technology, content and interactivity intersect. DFM develops eye-catching interactive media, national attention-getting websites, and custom programming services, including Augmented Reality (AR) and mobile apps. DFM specializes in the "freakishly brilliant" Drupal open source Content Management System (CMS) and building projects that draw upon multiple disciplines to provide superior user experiences.

President Stephen Barker founded DFM in 2007 to provide cost-effective excellence to web and interactive multimedia clients. Stephen was named one of 2010’s “25 People to Watch” in the July issue of Biz941 magazine. Stephen holds a Master's degree for his work in Augmented Reality (AR) and Tangible User Interfaces (TUIs) and has over 5 years of experience in these technologies along with building physical computing systems using sensors, video analysis, servos, and other novel input-output devices.


The Value of Digital Frontiers Media in Digital Projects

While there are endless choices in web development, Digital Frontiers Media can bring added value to larger-scale digital projects because we approach them from a brand-centric point of view.  We not only source and manage the full team of experts required executing a successful project; we source the right experts for the project and brand, which may include any combination of:

·      Designers

·      Web developers/web engineers

·      Interactive or special feature developers

·      Writers

·      Social media experts

Our experienced account executives and project managers will adeptly manage the various moving parts and personalities, and interface with your representatives in a way that promotes clear understanding and an excellent outcome.