digiBIZ Daily - Oct 9th

digiBIZ Daily - Oct 9th

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Google Introduces Credit Card

Google is introducing a new way of paying for your Google AdWords campaign. Google is introducing a traditional credit card for Businesses with extra AdWord benefits. The new credit card will be available for businesses in the United States and Britain. The new card has a 11.9% APR, no annual fee, minimum monthly payments and 24/7 online support. The new card is in pilot but is expected to be available officially early next year.

Windows 8 Phone Pre-Order

Microsoft has announced the pre-order of the new Windows 8 phone on October 21st. The highly anticipated smartphone has been hyped for the past 6 months and many believe this could be the best Windows smartphone in the company’s tenure. As of 2nd Quarter 2012, Microsoft only owned 3.5% of the marketshare thanks to the extremely successful devices from Android/Google and Apple. Microsoft believes strongly in their mobile future and believes this is a step in the right direction. Along with launching 2 new Windows 8 devices, Microsoft is launching a new Windows 8 tablet this month as well.

Facebook’s Android App Close to Launch

Facebook’s new native Android app is almost ready for deployment. Users of the iPhone and iPad have been using their native app for over a month now and critics are saying its one of the best moves Facebook has made in mobile. Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerburg admitted that the push for HTML5 was a little ahead of its time and the results of user satisfaction were low. Facebook made the decision to make native apps for a better user experience. The new Android app is suggested to launch this month.

Facebook Launches Collections

No Facebook is not asking for your money… directly. Facebook has ped a little deeper into e-commerce for businesses with their new product called “Collections.” Collections allow businesses to post items for purchase and users can click directly through the images to purchase. The new system looks a lot like Pinterest with a better-organized purchasing method. The new system is starting to roll out across business pages and should be available for all businesses by end of year. Are you ready to start purchasing via Facebook for products?

Your Kids Online Reputation

How important is your kid’s online reputation? No I am not talking about Bullying and the importance of stopping peer to peer bullying online but the reputation you create for your kids at a young age. In most cases, this newsletter is to serve businesses but to many times the lines is blurred between our businesses brand and our personal brand. So why should you take account of what you are saying about your kid’s online. The parents that are venting through social media about kids not cleaning their room teaches them that its okay for them to vent through social media, people that are connected to you will know the early behaviors of your kids as they grow up and become young professionals and pictures and videos last a life time and when they are online it really is a life time. So the next time your kid does something wrong, think twice before posting it online. You have the responsibility to teach your kids the right social media behaviors just as if you teach them about alcohol and drugs.