digiBIZ Daily - Oct 10th

digiBIZ Daily - Oct 10th

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Google Search Update

Google has been spending the better part of the last few weeks making updates to its Search algorithm. Google has made at least four updates in two weeks with the latest coming yesterday that helps users find relevant content once they click through the website. The new algorithm allows Google to look at content above the fold on websites and use that to help in search results. Users are upset that the first few search results have a little content on the homepage above the fold and they have to continue to look for the information needed. This will really effect businesses with sites that have a very clean front page website with little information on it.

GM is Hiring Nerds

General Motors announced today that they are hiring over 10,000 jobs over the next three to five years all in Computer Science. General Motors is setting up “Technology Innovation” Centers to work on new leading technology to help in their efforts. They want to work on their own “cutting-edge” technology which analyst says it’s greatly needed to stay ahead of the competition. Currently, GM outsources all of their development and software creation work. The new Technology Innovation plants are already planned in Detroit, Austin and a 3rd suspected on the west coast.

I “Want” Facebook

Facebook has announced that they are developing a new “Want” button for pictures you may see online. We announced yesterday the addition of “Collections” the new purchasing tool for Facebook. “Want” is like adding a wish list for things you like on Facebook. The new button would have “Want, Collect, and Like.” “Like” will still allow you to like an item and will show up on your timeline while “Want” adds it to a wish-list and “Collect” allows you to purchase the item directly on Facebook. The social giant did say that none of these features would take you off the site.

Job Seekers use Facebook

A new survey conducted by Jobvite found that job seekers are turning towards Facebook to find their next opportunity. The new survey was a surprise from last year’s market research where LinkedIN held the lead for job seekers. LinkedIN is still an important element to finding a job however more inpiduals say they had a job referred to them through Facebook than any other location. The survey also mentions that all social media traffic was up for job seekers including Twitter which saw a 30% increase year over year.

Online Shopping Blurs the Lines

This is the greatest season of the year for major online retailer Amazon ramping up into Christmas. Unfortunately this morning they woke up to the realization that their 4th quarter might not be as large as it has been in the past. The consumer loves the convenience of shopping online however hates waiting for the product and that’s why Wal-Mart announces “Same Day Delivery” for a flat $10 fee. As long as orders are in before Noon, they will receive the product that day. This is something Amazon has tried to do by opening up new warehouses but don’t have the ability to leverage their over 3100 local stores for inventory.