digiBIZ Daily - Oct 15th

digiBIZ Daily - Oct 15th

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Figuring Out Facebook Time

As monitor of your brand’s Facebook page have you ever wondered why a post you made two hours ago has only received 30 views on the timeline? Figuring out Facebook’s algorithm is better said than done. Here is a key strategy for you to try and get the most out of our Facebook brand page. Similar to Twitter, the lifespan of a status update is growing lesser by the day. Research shows the average lifespan on Facebook is just over two hours. For your brand page, post 5-7 times a day, every three hours. Engaging content will get more views. By reviewing what times your statuses are getting the most interaction will allow you determine what content you want to share during your “peek times.”

Xbox Music Scheduled for Launch

Microsoft announced today their plans to launch Xbox Music before the launch of the highly anticipated Windows 8. Representatives from Microsoft says they have plans to launch Xbox Music on Android and iOS very soon and plan on expanding from there. So what’s so exciting about Xbox Music? Analysts say that this will be the first music service to work across all platforms. Unlike Google Play and iTunes, Xbox Music will be available on Android, iOS, Windows and Xbox in the living room making it the first music servicing across everything.

iPad Mini Leaks Price

What is every kid asking for this Christmas? iPad Minis of course. The MobileGeeks site has leaked the price of the new iPad Mini schedule to come up in coming weeks. The new iPad Mini will come in just about $299 for an 8GB/WIFI Only model. Part of the speculation for price was the release of the new iPod Touches priced at $299 for a 32GB device, about $150 dollars cheaper than the same type of storage on the new iPad Mini. Enough of a difference for the consumer to decide what to purchase based on their needs.

Online Personal Branding

I have been teaching it for a little over a year that the lines between personal and professional are becoming more and more blurry online. This becomes more apparent as new research from BrandYourself comes out discussing the importance of Search results and an inpidual’s brand online. 86% of US adults say they have searched for someone through Google. Of that 86%, almost half said they saw something about themselves that was negative. Over 30% have “Googled” a politician to learn more about them personally and professionally. So what kind of things are you doing to make sure your online personal brand is a good one?

Online Dating Company Allows Wingman

An online dating website called “Tandem” is changing the dating game with the ability to add a wingman on your first online date. The site was configured for when you find that special someone online for you to bring a friend and visa versa the other person would bring a friend. It’s double dating in the 21st century. Founder of the new dating site says “People are a lot more at ease when they’re with someone they know.” What do you think? Does this take online dating to a whole new level of weirdness or is it a positive thing for the online dating world?