digiBIZ Daily - Oct 16th

digiBIZ Daily - Oct 16th

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$56 Million Secures New COO for Yahoo

The Silicon Valley buzz just got a little hire when new CEO of Yahoo Marissa Mayer announced the hiring of Ex-Google Executive Henrique De Castro who was most recently the President of Partners Business Solutions at Google. His 600K base salary is pennies compared to the bonuses and stock options he received in his new position at Yahoo. This is just one more major move Mayer has made in her pursuit to make Yahoo the biggest comeback story since Apple.

Amazon Gears Up for Holidays

Amazon is preparing for the holidays with the hiring of over 50,000 new jobs. The Seattle-based company Amazon currently has over 20,000 employees throughout the United States at over 40 distribution centers. Amazon has already been recognized as one of the top retail companies to work for paying their employees 30% more than the average retail pay with an increase of nearly 9% each year. Amazon also has a program to help their employees decide on their career choice.

The Good and Bad for T-Mobile

When there is good, sometimes there is bad and with T-Mobile it seems to be happening quite often. T-Mobile announced the merger of major pre-paid cellular company MetroPCS 2 weeks ago and followed it up with the rumor they should be receiving the iPhone in early 2013. All is good for T-Mobile, unless the stockholders of MetroPCS file a lawsuit trying to block the merger. This week, MetroPCS stockholders have filed a lawsuit against PCS, T-Mobile and T-Mobile’s parent company Duelche Telecom saying that the board members of PCS agreed to the merger for financial consideration and not the rest of the stockholders.

Like the Old Days Twitter

It might have been a while since Twitter experience a “over capacity” outage but many ran towards Twitter last night to let everyone know they can’t tweet. Ironic right? For us early adaptors of Twitter, it was something we were use to experiencing regularly but since their growth and success over the last couple of years, Twitter has done a great job keeping up with the tweets and users. Hopefully this was just a one-time thing.

iOS Passport Not Moving

I will be the first to say how excited I was about the new Passport app on iOS 6. Passport is supposed to organize our loyalty cards, coupons, airline tickets and more but it just hasn’t taken off like most people expected. I uploaded my Blockbuster card but unfortunately the scanners are out-of-date and can’t scan my iPhone so it’s pointless at this time. That seems to be the story of the new app as its just not gaining traction yet but keep it around because eventually this great idea will catch on!