digiBIZ Weekly - Feb 6th

digiBIZ Weekly - Feb 6th

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Why we still need Apple & Microsoft

A shocking moment happened with me this week after purchasing my first mac laptop in 5 years. I purchased the new macbook pro with retina display and after opening it up, the first website I visited was Microsoft.com. Ask any designer, developers, mac-enthusiast, when it comes to Apple products, we’re all in. However, I still find the Microsoft Office product superior than the apple office-like product. This made me realize just how important both companies are in the technology industry. When it comes to operating systems, the Mac OS is far superior although Windows 8 shows an innovative approach to making a great product. The benefits of owning a PC are the amount of programs that don’t run on Mac yet. However, Mac users experience a lot less virus and malicious activity on their computers. I believe computers connect with a person’s personality. You can learn a lot about a person based on the computer they own. But as shocking as my experience was to me, I realize just how much I need Windows/PC even though I am a Mac lover.

Samsung “Best in Customer Loyalty”

Brand Keys released their 2013 Consumer Engagement Index today showing Samsung as the leader in Consumer Loyalty above major competitor Apple. Many critics have speculated that Apple’s inability to be the innovators in technology has left them vulnerable in many ways. Apple saw their title as “Most Valuable Company” disappears last week as stocks continue to sink. Will this be the end of Apple? No. But apple will need to figure out ways of being considered the innovators instead of the followers. The iPad Mini was not an innovative product but a response to companies like Samsung releasing smaller tablets.

Managing your Social Media Accounts

Managing your social media accounts can become frustrating considering there are not very many resources available for a low cost. When you ask someone what they use for managing social media accounts, most will say HootSuite. HootSuite is a great way to manage social media but sometimes it’s not for everyone. I would like to recommend looking at Sendible, which starts at .99/month for eight accounts. The great thing about Sendible is its one of the few social accounts that manages Google+ which is still rare among social management software. The other great social media management tool is Jugnoo. Jugnoo is free for 3 team members up to 20 accounts. The free version is beautiful and has some great features especially for free. This tool is still in Beta so features are constantly being updated.

Instagram Moves Desktop

The mobile-only photo-sharing site, Instagram is going big. Announced today is Instagram’s new desktop version. Just like in the mobile versions, it allows you to like and comment directly on the photo. One of the benefits someone may enjoy is the large size picture. This is a huge step for Instagram going from one of the most popular mobile applications to becoming a full-force social site. Although Instagram’s focus is “mobile first” their owners Facebook is looking to grow users perhaps by allowing inpiduals who don’t have smartphones to enjoy the same pictures as others.

Google Warns Against Fake Reviews

Google spoke out this week in regards to their spam detection algorithms. Because of the enhancement of Google’s search algorithm, Google+’s reviews for businesses become essential for better SEO (search engine optimization). Businesses started hiring SEO professionals to write reviews on the businesses behalf. Google warns businesses saying that if they are caught with “fake reviews” from these SEO specialists that they will block their company from Google’s search algorithm.

HP Could “Break Up”

The major computer manufacturing company, HP, is considering splitting its company so that investors can see a higher return on their dollar. HP has experience some of the worst sales in company history over the last two years seeing a decline of nearly 75% on sales. Insiders are saying the board is considering splitting the PC side of the company from the rest to give investors a better bang for the buck. Do you think this will help or hurt HP in the long run?