Drupal - What is it?

Drupal - What is it?


Drupal is our preferred web development platform.  Drupal is an enterprise-class Content Management Framework (CMF), though the short-sighted only recognize it as a Content Management System (CMS).  Drupal has a rich and vibrant community of developers and infrastructure.

Flexible Use
A secure portal will present content managers and system administrators alike with the tools and reports they need to accomplish their jobs fast and efficiently. With Drupal's easily customized administrative settings, back-end tools can be as easy or as complex as they need to be for each respective role accessing the system.
Simplified Content
The ability to manage content by types (like services, events, news, promotions and people) rather than individual pages eliminates the need to edit complex layouts, understand HTML or manipulate artwork in a third-party design application. Easy to use forms will give content mangers full control over the site's content regardless of how and where it displays to your website's visitors. Additionally, those forms will validate content to ensure that it's always displayed correctly.
Adding or eliminating pages, changing design or adding function is incredibly easy.  Drupal has a wealth of “out of the box” modules that can easily be plugged in, or serve as a starting point for the development of proprietary features.

Digital Frontiers Media Drupal Experience:

  • Minor feature additions to the UberCart Project
  • Co-Author of Hierachical Select Tutorial with Wim Leers
  • Silver Level Sponsor for Florida DrupalCamp - 2011, 2012
  • Gold Level Sponsor for Florida DrupalCamp - 2013, 2014
  • Active member of local Sarasota, Fl Drupal Meetups


Roles Working With Drupal:

  • Contributed to Drupal Patches
  • Contributed to Drupal issues queues
  • Contributed to Drupal documentation
  • Help in Drupal support forms
  • Provide Drupal-related services
  • Help mentor new contributors


Session Presentations at DrupalCamps:

  • HTML5 Media, Drupal & Your Users
  • Powering Mobile Apps using Drupal Services
  • Intro to Using Titanium with Drupal Services