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Our design lab offers strategic branding and design that creates engaging experiences and helps your business grow. Let us work with your team to deliver outstanding results for you.

Design Lab

Our Creative Process

We begin with the discovery phase in order to gain a deep understanding of our client's history, products, services, target market, competitors, and vision for their future. We meet face-to-face to foster a good working relationship with our clients right from the start. We pride ourselves on being good listeners and intuitive collaboration partners. We ask questions to learn more about you and to help define the problem you are trying to solve. The information we learn from discovery drives in-depth market research that may include focus groups, quantitative/ qualitative surveys or other high-level assessments. Ideation sessions follow to generate concepts, crystalize objectives, create messaging, and find the optimal way to position the brand to drive engagement.

Once a strategic roadmap has been developed, our designers select fonts, color palettes, and create comprehensive sketches. We revise, refine and remove the superfluous and redundant, simplifying concepts and elements to produce the most effective and elegant solution. We prepare multiple alternatives and variations of our visual ideas and present our designs in-person to all client stakeholders.

Our Services

Whether we create your brand or work with the one you have, we add value to your business by building strong brand strategy into every component we design. Our design philosophy of simplicity combined with a passion for innovation creates impact and delivers results.


All successful marketing is built on a foundation of solid branding. Therefore, more than any other aspect of marketing, nothing is more challenging, important, or satisfying to creatives like us than to be trusted with the ultimate task of building a client’s brand. One of our strengths is updating an identity as an evolution of the logo to retain brand equity and consumer recognition. In addition to identities, taglines and naming, we offer brand standards and usage guidelines, letterhead templates, and signage.


Website, Mobile & App Design

Mobility is an essential part of our digital design strategy. All our websites are designed to be responsive, and along with our mobile sites and apps, we create unique, engaging user experiences that are attractive, easy to use, and build business across every device.


Interactive Media

Let us introduce you to innovative new digital products and platforms that can expand your business, drive new revenue streams, and create engaging interaction with your customers. We design interactive displays, media walls, digital advertising and signage that attract consumer attention and generate sales.