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Looking for innovative development but don't need the whole Digital Frontiers Media team? Our technology lab offers digital products and strategies that drive new revenue streams for our clients. Let us work with your team to deliver outstanding results for you.

Technology Lab

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is an interactive simulation created by compositing a computer-generated image with a user's view of the real world. And whether you need to visualize a specific destination or show clients a product that takes their breath away, Digital Frontiers Media’s AR experts make sure they’ll see your vision as clearly as you do.


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Now more than ever mobile and desktop applications promise big productivity. Digital Frontiers Media creates apps that put unprecedented power in your hands to capture data, reclaim lost time, improve sales and deliver your best.


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Embedded Systems

Within large systems, embedded micro-controllers and computers perform smaller, dedicated roles to control and improve the product experience. But regardless of the specific role, Digital Frontiers Media’s embedded systems always add full function without frustration through multimedia-enhanced UIs or control programs. World-class companies rely on Digital Frontiers Media to help create superior solutions whether it’s for individual, prototype, or industrial needs.


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Multitouch | Kiosk

Multi-Touch screens provide intuitive user experiences by opening up the interface to more natural gestures using multiple digits. Employing this technology, Digital Frontiers Media’s kiosks do more than inform–they engage and invite. With all ten fingers and thoughtful design in mind, Digital Frontiers Media turns even the simplest marketing display into an interactive experience.


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Magic was once defined as pulling things out of thin air; now, Digital Frontiers Media redefines it as what you can put into thin air. Digital Frontiers Media along with its technology partners can provide mind-blowing mid-air projections using the air in the environment and dry micron-size particles. The results are business, marketing, and presentation solutions that push beyond physical as well as imaginative limits.


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Responsive Websites

Drupal is our preferred web development platform. Let us update your web presence and bring it into the mobile world.

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Digital Presence Management

Digital Frontiers Media offers expertise in digital presence management and public relations services. Let us take the lead in ensuring your business is offering a positive first impression to potential clients on the web. Listings sites, professional reviews and recommendations services, and social media are just a small sample of the types of sites that are already providing potential clients messages about your business. It is imperative to be aware of your digital reputation and ensure that these pivotal consumer touch points are being managed effectively.

A sample of services include:

  • Management of your listings on search engines and other business listings sites
  • Regular audits of search engine results and mentions of your business on social media 
  • Online advertising campaign strategy, creation and management
  • Digital crisis plans for unforeseen circumstances
  • Management of negative reviews of your business on third-party sites
  • SEO services

Contact us today to learn more about the digital presence management services we offer.