Drupal Site Builder/Developer

Drupal Site Builder/Developer

Tue, 2014-03-11 19:02 -- DFMAdmin
Sarasota , FL

Digital Frontiers Media, an award-winning Sarasota-based Florida digital marketing agency, is in need of a part-time site builder/developer who could grow with our company. We are looking for people local to Sarasota or those willing to commute or looking to relocate here.

Successful candidate should have 2+ years of Drupal, PHP, HTML, and CSS experience. Aptitude may trump experience in Drupal if your foundational knowledge in the other fields is strong. We are at the beginning of another growth curve and are open to helping a promising candidate grow with us if they just need some training.

Successful candidate must be willing to follow direction and adhere to Digital Frontiers Media's product quality standards that have made us successful. However, we are also open to learning and adopting new tricks if they align well with our overall philosophies and work to help us adapt, advance, and innovate. Successful candidate must strongly share the view that a Content Management System should actually MANAGE the site and lessen the burden on the client as much as possible instead of just merely be a means for content entry.

Candidate will initially be hired part-time as a 1099 contractor with later advancement to regular full-time employment as appropriate. Candidates that show promise but are not within the Sarasota, Florida area may be considered for occasional freelance work.

Candidate will be hired with plans to start work on-site immediately. Contact us.