Digital Frontiers Media Builds Site Gets Notice from NPR

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September 21, 2010 (Sarasota, FL)Digital Frontiers Media’s work (accessible via either or ) was recently featured in an entry on National Public Radio's website ( ).

The Syracuse University website was built to provide ease of use, upgradability, and rich media delivery to highlight the photography, videoography, and multimedia elements produced by the students in the pursuit of their stories. Digital Frontiers Media worked side-by-side with McCormick & Winter to develop the site using the highly flexible Drupal framework and make the students' vision and stories come to life.

The Syracuse University website represents a home where the nation's leading journalism students come together and experiment with new forms of in-depth and investigative reporting. Through the cooperation of 12 major research universities the Carnegie Foundation and the James L. Knight foundation, the News21 initiative experiments with curriculum and hands-on experience to foster a nationwide conversation and focuses on three core efforts: curriculum enrichment to integrate journalism schools more deeply into university life, annual national investigative reporting projects overseen by professors and distributed nationally through traditional and innovative media and The Carnegie-Knight Task Force, and focusing on research and creating a platform for educators to speak on policy and journalism education issues.

About Digital Frontiers Media:

Digital Frontiers Media is a media production company based in Sarasota, Florida that specializes in projects where technology, content and interactivity intersect. Founded in 2007 by President Stephen Barker, DFM’s innovative structure enables the company to assemble talent into teams specifically tailored to a client’s needs. For more information on Digital Frontiers Media and its range of services, visit