digiBIZ Daily - Oct 11th

digiBIZ Daily - Oct 11th

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Firefox Security Makes Browser Disappear

Mozilla Firefox browser is facing a huge setback as its latest version Firefox 16 had serious security issues. Mozilla said in a press release “At this time we have no indication that this vulnerability is currently being exploited in the wild. Firefox 16 has been temporarily removed from the current installer page and users will automatically be upgraded to the new version as soon as it becomes available.” Mozilla has been facing serious growing problems with the rising success of Google Chrome and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

Tweeters Are Woman

A new survey that came out this week by the media company Beevolve suggests that woman is controlling the Twitter world. Many experts are not surprised by these findings since most of social media is dominated by woman but the new research that monitored over 38 Million tweets finds that woman have more followers and tweet more by about 15%. If you are wondering how this compares to other social media demographics. Woman now dominate the space for Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr, Wordpress Blogs and YouTube.

The fallin’ Reputation of IT

Remember that time when your computer stop working and the “nerd” came in to save the day or when you hit “Reply All” on an email and within minutes it disappeared from everyone’s inbox? These are the stories of our IT professionals and how they were considered heroes among their peers. A new study was conducted with over 350 business inpiduals discussing IT and why its not considered the “heroes” of the workplace. Technology is rapidly changing and while it’s very hard to keep up, many don’t understand what it takes to move 10 servers of all types of organizations under one cloud-computing server. IT works long hours, usually over night and into the weekends to make this happen and yet not respect. The next time you look at your IT department, say “Thanks” and give them a smile. They deserve it.

Microsoft Office for Android and Apple

Does this mean that Microsoft has finally thrown in the towel in regards to having the most robust device (Windows) having the exclusive on Microsoft Office the most widely used programs on computers today? No. Microsoft has officially decided to put their products in the hands of the user with making them buy their device. This is not any different than Apple taking YouTube (owned by Google) off their core applications and Google immediately creating a YouTube app to make available for Apple. Apple and Google understand the importance of having their product where the user is no matter what device they are using. This is probably why Apple and Google are the most valuable companies in the world and Microsoft is playing catch up.

Big Brother is Watching YOU on your iPhone

What you do on your iPhone is your business! Think again! September was a big month for Apple as they released their highly anticipated iPhone 5 and new their new software iOS 6. But what they didn’t mention was they are now tracking what you are doing on your phone for advertising purposes. You read right, Apple is using new technology to track your behaviors on the device for marketers to target ads to you. There is good news… This can be shut off in the settings although its not very simple. Out of the box, iOS 6 allows marketers to track your behavior on your device so many people either don’t know or are too lazy to shut it off so marketers are thrilled to get this new data, which has never been available before. So what have you been downloading or visiting on the web? Apple knows.