digiBIZ Daily - Oct 17th

digiBIZ Daily - Oct 17th

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Welcome Back MySpace

You are probably asking yourself if you read that right? Myspace? Our featured video today is the teaser for the new slick, beautiful Myspace. Myspace was once considered the mega social site that skyrocketed the social media phenomenon and gave a platform for sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN. The new Myspace is clean and very music centric which has always been its calling card. In 2010, Myspace had an increase traffic of over 30% and with the new profile creation could be on its way back to becoming a heavyweight in the social world. Insiders say Myspace has been working with exclusive content deals with major record labels and music servicing site Spotify.

Moms Lead Mobile Space

A new study shows that moms are leading the way in the mobile environment. The study shows that moms with children under 18 lead the way in texting (+15%), mobile web (+15%), social media (+19%), mobile banking (+10%), and mobile shopping (+8%). As small businesses look to tackle development for the fast growing mobile space, this research shows a little more why they are focused on the “soccer mom.” Researchers show that mobile could dominate in as early as 2015 outpacing desktop Internet traffic.

Acquia Named #1 Software Company

Acquia was named the #1 software company and 8th overall by INC. 500. Acquia is owned and operated by the founder of Drupal, the open-source Content Management System (CMS) that has quickly become one of the fastest growing CMS’ on the market. INC. 500 also named Acquia the fastest growing software company in the world because of its success with Drupal and other products developed in house. digiBIZ sponsor Digital Frontiers Media is national leader in Drupal and has had over five years working exclusively with this CMS.

Google Continues Test Search on Products

Google announced its expansion into their search functionality integration with other Google products. When you are logged into your Google account and do a search, it will search for relevant content in your Gmail account. The new expansion is going to look for relevant content in your Google Calendar and Google Drive. Some analyst find this to be an invasion of privacy looking through your other products while others believe it’s a great enhancement to finding relevant content regarding our needs.

The New LinkedIN

LinkedIN announced today a new look for profiles, features and updated version of the LinkedIN apps. The new profile will help streamline the content on the site and make important content from inpidual’s pages more visual. If you have been selected for the new profile view than you will have a notification at the top of your profile adding you to the waiting list. LinkedIN has over 175 million users with over 50 million joining in the past year.