digiBIZ Daily - Oct 22nd

digiBIZ Daily - Oct 22nd

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Pinterest for Retail

A new study from over 7000+ online shoppers shows Pinterest at the top of their list for purchasing. In the new study, shoppers use Pinterest for ideas on what to purchase and in many cases purchase directly from the social site. What’s more surprising is that Pinterest outpaced Facebook and Twitter by almost double among shoppers making their purchasing decisions. If you are a consumer based company-selling goods and you are not considering Pinterest than you should start developing a plan.

Ancestery.com Sold

Every time you see a ancestery.com commercial you consider joining to find out about Uncle Bob and his connections to the Russian mafia. Well those commercials could be changing a little as the major historical documentation site has sold to a European equity firm. The company said they plan to make technical changes to the site to boost performance and wanted to increase their user base. Ancestery.com currently has over two million subscribers paying at least $12.95 per month. The company is publicly traded at around $30/share.

Skype for Windows 8 Transformed

Microsoft is kicking off their Windows 8 release month with an updated Skype. Skype, the major-video conferencing program that has allowed inpiduals to connect via video for years and now Windows has redeveloped and redesigned a new visually appealing and easy-to-use Skype that will release with the new Windows 8. Although the new redesign looks appealing, it doesn’t change the cost if you are utilizing multi-chat or phone calls. Skype has seen it’s monthly usage decrease thanks to the efforts of Google Hangouts that allows a videoconference of up to 10 people at no cost.

Apple Gears Up for Party

Anytime Apple is preparing a party and inviting media it’s because they are gearing up to show something to the world. Apple announced a get-together tomorrow afternoon to show something new. Many analysts believe Apple will be revealing the new highly anticipated iPad Mini that many believe it would be ready by the holidays. Other things said to be released is the new iPad 3.5 with better network connectivity including LTE Access, Lightweight and a lighting connector. The new MacBook Pro 13” with retina display, iBooks 3, refreshed iMac, MacMini and Apple TV. All these things scheduled to be discussed tomorrow. Could be a great day for Apple!

Samsung Fires Apple

Apparently when you continue suing each other for copyright or patent infringement issues, other relationships between the two companies start to break. Samsung announced it would stop doing the display screens for Apple’s iPad. Samsung is citing financial issues but we know its because the two hate each other. Apple has already been looking to other manufacturing companies for display technology and other parts of their products from companies like Sharp and LG. In the past, Apple had Samsung manufacturing many of their parts but over the last six months has limited their work with them.