digiBIZ Daily - Oct 29th

digiBIZ Daily - Oct 29th

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Opening Weekend for Windows 8

This past weekend was the first official weekend with Windows 8 on the market and analyst has speculated mixed reviews on both sides. We already knew this was going to be a HUGE leap for Windows with a very large learning curve for those who have been using Windows for years. The great things about the new W8 are its interactive, app driven, touch friendly and sync ready. However, with all these enhancements the learning curve is somewhat difficult starting with the live hidden sides where your setting on other information is. You have to get use to there being 4 sides on the PC with different programs under all. The good news is its innovative and forward thinking; bad news is the consumer ready for this kind of change for Windows.

iPad Mini Sold Out

If you were thinking the iPad was going to fail measurably than think again. Apple is reporting they have sold out of many models for the new iPad Mini. The iPad Minis with WIFI have been pushed at least two weeks to fulfill orders. The pre-ordering of the device started pre-orders this past Friday and promised to fulfill orders starting on November 2nd. When you visit the site to order your iPad Mini it shows a two week delay for the while versions. The iPad Mini in black is still available on time. This exciting news for Apple while many thought the device would be a horrible disaster.

Kindle Fire HD Takes Aim at iPad Mini

Amazon is trying to make a point that your device purchase should be more than just “Hype.” Amazon has a great homepage featuring the comparison between the Kindle Fire HD and iPad Mini. The Kindle Fire HD is priced at $199 and has a higher resolution screen, can watch HD movies and TV while the iPad cannot, Dual stereo speakers vs iPad’s mono and faster WIFI. With the holiday season ramping up and the new iPad Mini being sold out in the first weekend of “pre-orders” there is no wonder why Amazon feels the need to push their product. What do you think regarding the Kindle Fire HD vs iPad Mini, is it just hype?

Anonymous Targets Zynga

Zynga, the mega-social gaming company that launched games like Farmville and Mafia Wars announced last week I was laying of about 140 employees (5% of employment at Zynga) and closing down a few offices including one in Boston. Now the hacktivist group “Anonymous” has targeted Zynga saying this is wrong and with the Billions in the bank, this is wrong to treat developers like this. They have said if the management at Zynga continues down this road then they will retaliate by releasing all the games they stole off their servers and release them to the public for free. Anonymous fears that Zynga will ship more developer jobs oversees continuing the woes of unemployment in the United States.

Is Spotify Unfair to Musicians?

The headline from CNET asking “Is Spotify Unfair to Musicians” has many asking the same question. In a society where we are willing to spend $5 dollars for a cup of coffee at Starbucks, is $10 to much to ask for a CD from their favorite artist. Artist and record labels have been taking aim at Spotify by not releasing their music since the per-play price is fractions of a penny. Recently, major recording artist Taylor Swift made a decision not to release her new album “Red” which has already set new sales records this week and has topped the charts at #1 in both the US and UK. While Taylor Swift is a huge name that many recognize, other artist started banning the music-playing site since the beginning. Unlike radio, Spotify does not serve a larger purpose of exposure and it’s just not work the $13/month royalty check.