digiBIZ Daily - Nov 8th

digiBIZ Daily - Nov 8th

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Small Businesses Growing on Social Media

Small Businesses around the world is growing their presence on social media starting with their chief executive officer. More than 1/3 of CEOs say they spend more than six hours on social media and although they wished they spent less time, they understand the importance of it. According to a new report from VerticalResponse, social media interactivity among small businesses is growing quickly with more than 85% saying they spend more than 6 hours per week on social media and of that 85%, 7% spend 21+ hours a week focusing on their social media accounts. Has your company developed a social strategy? Is it still important?

Coke Wants Instagram

Coca-Cola is diving into the social media business as of November 1st. Coke launched a new app called “HappyPlaces” now available in the Android and Blackberry markets that shares photos. Sound familiar? Essentially Coke has decided to launch their version of Instagram and according to reports they have purchased the domain name happyplaces.com which many believe will be a full social site. Can Coke compete with Instagram? While Instagram is the global dominated photo-sharing application and newly founded profile pages, many say that Coke could make a run with their supreme marketing resources. Is this a good move for Coke?

Even Google Employees Don’t use Google

+While Google+ faces many criticisms for trying to compete against major social players like Facebook and Twitter, it still has been growing engagement and users consistently for the past year. Google+ is now considered the forth-largest social network but if Google+ plans to engage users and get them more involved than perhaps they should start with their own employees. New reports suggest that over 1/3 of Google employees haven’t used Google+. Google has said they are not a typical social site but a new way to experience the Internet and for Google to keep track of your online activity to better serve you for the future. What do you think about Google employees not using Google+.When Should I Tweet?Every company wants to know when the best time to engage their audience is on social media? In a new study that aligns with most experts have confirmed that companies receive the most engagement on nights and weekends. In fact, companies that tweet at night received more than 60% more retweets than during the day. Tweets on the weekend normally perform nearly 50% better than throughout the week. On the weekend, Sunday engagement is nearly double than Saturday. Tweets that happen between 2am-9am have the highest success among times to tweet throughout the week.

Is HTML5 the Right Direction for Mobile Apps?

A couple of months ago, Mark Zuckerburg, the CEO of Facebook admitted defeat regarding developing the Facebook apps on HTML5 instead of native. While this was the right decision for Facebook many developers don’t agree with Mark on saying that HTML5 is not ready for the masses. In a recent survey from Kendo UI, 94% of developers say they are either using HTML5 or will be using HTML5 in the next year. Now some developers will tell you its depending on what type of app they are developing because that will determine if its best to utilize HTML5 or develop a native app.