Microsite vs Landing Page

Microsite vs Landing Page

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Although they are different from one another, microsites and landing pages can be used in conjunction with search engine optimization, search engine marketing and online advertising for more targeted content.

Landing Pages

Usually only one page, landing pages are important for lead-generation as they lead the visitor to take an action. Essential to the success of direct marketing campaigns such as pay per click search engine marketing, direct mail, print advertising, etc., we use and test many different landing pages through A-B testing or Multivariate testing in order to optimize conversion rates.


A microsite also converts site visitors into leads, but a microsite does this through a more content-heavy approach, which offers enhanced search engine optimization opportunities over and above the landing page. The SEO advantage is in having a number of topic-specific pages with more original content, and the more content your site carries, the higher the organic search rankings. Microsites can be one or more pages and may be used for a number of purposes:

  • Showcase a new product or service that may not be getting enough exposure on the main website
  • Bring attention to a time-sensitive and popular event, like a trade show or sports event
  • Offer seminars with courses or curriculum for interactive training sessions
  • Publish corporate brochures or annual reports
  • Run a contest or sweepstakes to increase sales or build an email database
  • Preview a start-up company's website and build interest for the launch
  • Build search engine popularity Landing pages offer a quick solution for direct marketing needs.

Microsites are the better choice for maximum SEO benefit with the opportunity to add greater content to your site.