John Cannon Homes Launches New Branding, Website, and Advertising

John Cannon Homes Launches New Branding, Website, and Advertising

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John Cannon Homes Invests in Homebuilding Market

Sarasota, Fl. — In a show of confidence in Sarasota’s homebuilding market, John Cannon Homes is launching an updated brand, advertising and customer-driven website this week. The investment in the company’s fundamental public communications is intended to modernize electronic communications and make it easier for people to invest in Sarasota through custom home-buying.

“There’s an upward trend in new home construction,” said John Cannon, CEO. “It’s an excellent time to invest in the future, and making sure we become stronger in communicating with our clients and prospective clients is the most important thing we can do.”

The new brand will incorporate an updated logo, new advertising concepts and a new website created with the help of local award-winning branding agency Boost Studio. “We wanted an updated brand to reflect the quality of our construction with the sense of refinement we’re known for,” added Cannon. “This sets us apart from other builders.” 

This announcement comes after the recent restructuring of the new John Cannon Interior Design Center team. “We’re strengthening John Cannon Homes to do what we do best while expanding our reach to target various ages of prospective clientele and the international market,” continued Cannon.

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