What Makes a Successful Capital Campaign Website?

What Makes a Successful Capital Campaign Website?

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With thousands of organizations trying to get into donors' pockets, it's no longer enough to write a case and hope people feel your mission. A beautiful and responsive capital campaign website is one of the most important pieces of the development and fundraising puzzle. It is imperative to effectively design your capital campaign's website appropriately so important donors can quickly and clearly see your vision -- and donate with the touch of a button.

When thinking about marketing your campaign, branding is key. With regard to a capital campaign, a brand is not just the standard logo, typefaces, and color palettes. Of course it is important to look professional and appealing; but the emotional story you are telling your donors is the real brand. A capital campaign website must be clear and concise and it must convey these ideas and feelings within seconds of visitors landing on the page. Three things to think about when creating your site:

  1. Finding a way to quickly and effectively tell your story that touches the heart of the viewer is the key to receiving donations. Video is often the most efficient method to tell a story as it doesn't require visitors to read a long, wordy case, or wasting time trying to figure out where their dollars are actually going. Consider including a professionally-produced video (or even photography) as the main visual on your website's home page.
  2. It's vital to have an easy-to-use payment portal. Test the payment process out yourself and make sure there are no annoying roadblocks, such as requiring donors to create accounts (have a guest checkout option available) or having to enter information more than once.
  3. And it should go without saying (but you may be surprised!) - always make sure to have an easy-to-find "Donate Now" button on every. single. page.

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